Friday, October 16, 2009
Let Justin Poh introduce himself. The name is Justin Poh, he is 19 years old this year and he is definitely a male.

Life is somehow vulnerable, one has been taken away yet Justin Poh is somehow waiting for another one, a close one, to leave him. Sometime Justin Poh really wonder hard...Is god fair at judging people?

Justin Poh just realise that he can no longer flirt as good as before. Is __ really offensive? To Justin Poh is absolutly fine for anyone to show him __ in msn conversation. However there is actually someone not happy with Justin Poh when he just typed __, sigh can't really understand what girls are thinking now. Justin Poh once said proudly to all his peers and friends in class that,it is impossible for Justin Poh to be in love with someone like her and now Justin Poh learnt his lesson, that is never speak too early when it comes to relationship. My apologies.

God please be fair and leave everyone around me alone.
Thank god for everything.

Anyway Justin Poh find a very interesting quote that could best describe...
"Love your job but don't love your Company because you may not know when your company stops loving you..."


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Justin Poh hates childish people, hate people can get so high even playing games with coke. Justin Poh wonder real hard how do they get high over...coke. Frankly speaking, Justin Poh cant enjoy his night without alcholic drinks. Oh please, Justin Poh says coke is for kids or immature adults. Maybe its not the peoples fault for just drinking coke, maybe is the peoples just don't have their gall bladder that makes them don't have the courage to do what Justin Poh dare to do. Justin Poh knows that he wont have any chance anymore, however, Justin Poh says this, he don't need anyone not even you to care. Because Justin Poh is real, damn, fucking fed up on wasting one of his most, most precious night on some meaningless, courage-less bunch of kids with alcoholess.

-To Be Continue-


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Sunday, October 4, 2009
Mel camp for 4 days, 3 nights will be going to Singapore-Penang-Phuket-Singapore. Guys please don't miss Justin Poh too much.



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Friday, October 2, 2009
Beware!!! Justin Poh may be a hypocrite.
Anyway, the more Justin Poh look at it, the more disgusted he feel.
Know your role, and shut your mouth.


Left For Old Trafford At 4:36 AM
Justin Poh is somehow paranoid on some peoples blog, but its none of Justin Poh's business anyway. Hmmm, holidays are so boring, but somehow so happening. No more motivation to gym anymore, maybe going to gym tomorrow, Justin Poh be motivated please. Justin Poh is going to be damn broke after Mel Camp, cause Justin Poh have to wait for his pay till end of this month, hmmmm isn't this fuck up? Justin Poh is going to lala land soon, GYM, GYM, GYM Tomorrow!!!!

Goodnights people...
Goodnights Loves:)


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Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Justin Poh has just come back from Yeekeng's birthday celebration. Catched "I love you, Beth Cooper", not a bad catch actually. Justin Poh is feeling damn irritated over the comments made by some bloody mother fucker that doesn't even know what happen to Justin Poh over some incidents and keep stating that the bloody fault is on Justin Poh. Justin Poh feel practically unfair to things happened to him for last few weeks or even months. Karma maybe, karma. Justin Poh saw it coming, but never predict it come so fast. Justin Poh feels that he is a coward at times, but he feels glad that karma finally come and find him. Its been a long wait but Justin Poh says, he is not scare of anything and just bring Justin Poh the best that you have got. Justin Poh is hungry now and they say that "hungry man is angry man" maybe thats true, and pretty true. Fuck off karma, Justin Poh isn't scare of you, just bring your mother fucking ass to him, cause he is waiting...

Justin Poh gonna end with this...


Left For Old Trafford At 2:11 AM
Thursday, September 3, 2009
Justin Poh has been very annoyed after get to know some things thats he shouldn't know actually. Justin Poh feels like hes an idiot after all this months. Don't worry Justin Poh is not talking about any of you hypocrites, those who are the hypocrites, they know and they will know best. Justin Poh will not blame anyone, as he himself just trust you guys too much and Justin Poh means TOO MUCH, so he can only blame himself for being that fucking stupid and he means FUCKING STUPID. Poontang your ass out of Justin Poh's sight all of you mother Fucking asses and all of you and Justin Poh means ALL OF YOU mother fuckers, know your damn role and shut your hole on your face.

Alright, alright, Justin Poh shouldn't feel angry with these bunch of low IQ, no education and cock sucking mother fuckers asses...Haas...

Justin Poh is a little confuse this few days, as he is thinking if flirt and love will be together. But never mind, Justin Poh shouldn't think so much, as his time has not come yet and Justin Poh says that he will not have any relationship till the end of this year. So, SORRY to both my Baby and my Darling. Don't even think of flirting, as Justin Poh will take a lollipop stick it into your eyes, trust him darling, Justin Poh will make sure he do that if you dares to flirt with other guys:) For baby, take care of your health, Justin Poh knows that you are sick, drink more water and rest more and Justin Poh is sick too as Hes been missing darling for weeks.

Meet up soon Darling:) Get Well soon Baby:)
Good night people:)


Left For Old Trafford At 2:22 AM
Name- Justin Poh Zhiwei
Age- 19++
DOB- 30031990
Likes- What He Don't Hate
Dislike- What He Don't Love

Justin Poh is a Roman Catholic.
He believe in Jesus Christ.
Justin Poh think that he is a big fan of satan.
He is a true sinner.
But that is still him, Justin Poh.

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